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Have you ever wanted to tour West Africa?

Have you ever wanted to meet and talk with an African Tribal member?

Have you ever wanted to see wild animals in their natural habitat?

A personal tour can be arranged through Dr. Per Anderas, but you must understand that this will be the "real thing" and you will find few creature comforts.

If you are up for an adventure where you are willing to donate $10,000 to the project, cover your own costs of transportation, AND you are willing to quietly suffer the lack of air conditioning, endure the heat, urinate in the bush, and live as the Burkina people do, then you're able to get the tour of a lifetime!

The tours will be personally guided by Dr. Per Anderas and his sister, Dr. Ingrid Johansson (General Practice Physician) from Sweden. Dr. Johansson has lived and worked in Burkina for years.

This is your chance to bear personal witness to the health issues and lifestyle that face the people of a third world country!